Monday, January 20, 2014


There was this great topic about simple life pleasures on the Amelie imdb page. Was. The topic was homage to Amelie’s customs to enjoy little things about and in life (video), with people posting their own little pleasures, and I’ve found it quite heart-warming. Naturally, I’ve bookmarked it so I could read it again when my soul was in a need for some quick pick-me-up. Unfortunately, that page is now gone with the wind. And so not fabulous. 

Amelie's simple pleasures

Around Christmas time, there are a lot of things that are like a nice, warm soup for my soul. Colorful Christmas lights, green color of the Christmas tree, house filled with fresh baked cookies scent, frozen bedroom window, warm and delicious food, family gathering to watch a movie together, Love actually, It’s a wonderful life, Harry Potter…

One of the most heart&soul-warming movies ever, for me is Howl’s moving castle. I’ve watched it 2 years ago on a New Year’s Day and it’s still fresh in my memory and very dear to me. Inspired by that experience, I was trying to find similar anime film but still haven’t found it. Not even one was in the same category as Howl’s - in my eyes. I don’t know what was the winning factor of this movie that made such an impact on me, but I guess it was the combination of several things that I cherish about Christmas time in general. 

I have this annoying thing that, when I really love something and cherish it beyond any normal extent, I’d rather keep it in my memory than watch/relive it all over again. I guess I’m kind of aware that prior experience is going to be too hard to match, so I’d rather live off its former glory. The same thing applies to my favorite shows or YouTube channels. I’ll save the video for some special occasion since NOW is not worthy of the epicness that this video contains. I’m not quite sure if that moment ever arises. I just get bored or fed up with it sitting on a shelf. I know Mr. Eckhart wouldn’t be very proud of me. I guess I have to remind myself that there is no moment like this one right here. And it is special no matter how non-special it may seem. 

Except I’m not really buying that in this case.

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