Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just ordinary

I came into this world rather uneventful; as if I made this entrance a thousand times before. Even my eyes are like old woman’s eyes, experienced and sans spark. Kind of like; I’ve seen it all already. And I do feel like I’m over a lot of things quite often, things I haven’t even tried. I just never had the need to be like everybody else. As a kid, my sense of style was always far off what was in the now and shopping for new jeans or new shoes was always a torture, both for me and my dad. He had this distinct honor of accompanying my little self shopping. That’s when I’ve first started noticing that I’m not like everyone else. Except I was and except I am. 

I guess most of us feel so different from everybody else. But that has to be due to the fact that we show just a fraction of us to the world. We keep our inner self safe behind the fence. It’s not locked in the house, but also not walking down the street. I believe in the importance of balance and think that it’s fine staying that way. It’s also nice to go out and meet other parts of us that are walking down the street. By other parts I do mean other people who are part of our world and life…Our little soul-mates who allows us to be fragile and are not condescending about it. Little soul-mates that just know

At the end of the day, the thing that makes us just like everybody else is in fact, this idea we have, that we’re just so different from the rest of humanity. We are ever so ordinary through this extraordinary belief. Sure, there are levels of ordinary up to extraordinary, but it’s still a common thread that binds us like beads on a necklace. Some beads are shinier than others, but only when you compare them to the other not-so-shiny ones. Without extremes, there are no extraordinary things. 

Just ordinary. 

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